Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies Center for Health Policy/Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research Stanford University

Research at CHP/PCOR

CHP/PCOR investigators conduct rigorous, multidisciplinary research on a wide variety of topics, including patient safety, clinical practice guidelines, bioterrorism, global infectious diseases, healthcare financing and delivery, and the cost-effectiveness of new medical technologies. The center's current research projects and programs are listed below.

CHP/PCOR Programs & Research Areas

Research Projects

» Affective Forecasting and Decision Making in Older Adults

» Age Differences in the Processing of Health Care Information

» Allocation formulas for health care financing

» Analysis of Patient Safety Practices

» Assessing Health Costs and Use for Children with Special Healthcare Needs: Analytic Strategy for CCS Administrative Data

» Assessment and Treatment of Hypertension: Evidence-Based Automation (ATHENA)

» Automated performance metrics for quality improvement in complex chronic disease

» Biosurveillance System for Advanced Medical Readiness

» Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response: Use of Information Technologies and Decision Support Systems

» Causes and Consequences of Indoor Air Pollution: An Experimental Investigation in Bangladesh

» Closing the Quality Gap: A Critical Analysis of Quality Improvement Strategies

» Consortium for Health Care Informatics Research (CHIR): Translational Use Case Project Natural Language Processing of Chest Radiograph Reports

» Developing Best Practices for Patient Safety

» Efforts to clean air and improve health by modifying brick manufacturing in Bangladesh

» Elder Care, Gender, and Son Preference: The Role of Cultural Transmission and Diffusion During the Process of Rural-urban Migration in China

» Equitable, Efficient and Sustainable Medicare for the 21st Century

» F-18 Fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Imaging in the Management of Patients with Solitary Pulmonary Nodules: An Economic Sub-study

» Forecasting health care expenditure

» Functional Life and Independence Research (FLAIR project)

» Gerontocracy and economic growth in Europe

» Group Visits to Improve Hypertension Management

» Hospital Quality Improvement Structures and Practices

» Hospital Response to Attention and Financial Incentives for Preventing Readmissions

» Incorporating Health Preferences of Older Adults into the Electronic Medical Record

» Intelligent Critiquing of Clinical-Guideline Application

» Internet Use and Health Care for Persons with Chronic Health Conditions

» Managed Care and Health Care Markets

» Microsimulation models in the health care sector

» Pediatric Quality Indicators

» Physician Response to Productivity Incentives

» Policy Modeling for AIDS and Drug Abuse

» Postdoctoral Training in Health Services Research

» Prenatal Care and Labor Outcomes

» Reducing the risk of Nipah virus transmission in Bangladesh

» Regional Models for Bioterrorism Preparedness

» Smart Agents to Reduce the Parent Health Literacy Burden in the Care of the Children with Medical Complexity

» The analysis of efficiency in the health care sector

» The direct and indirect effects of mass vaccination: evidence from the Turkish immunization campaign

» The HIV/AIDS Pandemic and Africa‚Äôs Orphaned Elderly

» Trends in Cancer Mortality and Expenditures among Medicare Beneficiaries

» VISN Collaborative for Improving Hypertension Management with ATHENA-HTN

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