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Rudolf H. Moos, PhD   Download vCard
Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Stanford Health Policy Associate

Center for Health Care Evaluation (152-MPD)
795 Willow Road Menlo Park, California 94025
(650) 614-9892 (voice)
(650) 617-2690 (fax)

Research Interests
substance abuse and/or psychiatric disorders; process indices of the quality of mental health treatment and their relationship to treatment outcome; matching patients and treatment programs

Dr Moos' research program focuses primarily on patients with psychiatric and/or substance use disorders and addresses four main issues: (1) the development of process indices of the quality of mental health care and specification of their relationship to proximal and long-term indices of treatment outcome; (2) the assessment of life context or extra-treatment factors, such as patients' family and work settings, and examination of how they influence entry into and participation in formal and informal care, and the outcome of care; (3) identification of the characteristics of episodes of care and treatment careers and their associations with treatment outcome for distinct subgroups of patients; and (4) focus on how informal sources of care, such as self-help and mutual support groups, can enhance the outcome of formal treatment or substitute for formal treatment.

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