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Ross D. Shachter, PhD   Download vCard
Associate Professor of Management Science and Engineering and Stanford Health Policy Associate

Dept. of Management Science and Engineering
Stanford University
Terman Center 325
Stanford, California 94305-4026
(650) 723-4525 (voice)
(650) 723-1614 (fax)

Research Interests
modeling of uncertain processes and decision making; management of bladder cancer followup; analysis of vaccination strategies for HIV and Helicobacter pylori

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Ross Shachter's research interests are in the modeling of uncertain processes and decision making. His main focus has been the communication and analysis of the relationships among uncertain quantities in a graphical representation called an influence diagram (closely related to a belief network). Professor Shachter's work in medical decision analysis has included management of bladder cancer follow-up and analysis of AIDS Policy therapies. During a leave of absence at Duke University's Center for Health Policy, he was able to bring his interests together to develop an influence diagram-based approach for medical technology assessment. He has been on the Stanford faculty since receiving his PhD in Operations Research from UC Berkeley in 1982.

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