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Professor of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine and Stanford Health Policy Associate

AIDS Research Center
VA Palo Alto Health Care System
3801 Miranda Ave. (132)
Palo Alto, California 94304-5107
(650) 852-3408 (voice)
(650) 858-3978 (fax)

Dr. Holodniy is Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases & Geographic Medicine division) at Stanford University. Dr. Holodniy has directed the HIV clinical program and AIDS Research Center at VA Palo Alto Health Care System (VAPAHCS) since 1991. Dr. Holodniy is also a staff member in the VHA Office of Public Health and Environmental Hazards, and as such, directs the Office of Public Health Surveillance & Research. He has also been director of the VAPAHCS clinical molecular pathology laboratory since its establishment in 2000. This laboratory is responsible for HIV and HCV testing (including viral load, genotyping and resistance testing) for all VISN 21 sites. Under his direction, the laboratory is involved in the evaluation and development of therapeutic and diagnostic tests related to HIV and HCV infection. Dr. Holodniy has also overseen the conduct of over 75 clinical and diagnostic device trials at VAPAHCS since 1991. Dr. Holodniy is currently the Acting Director of the VA Cooperative Studies Program Coordinating Center at Palo Alto, which through its 45 staff oversees a portfolio of 7 multicenter VA studies and the VA DNA Bank Genomics Program. He is Co-chairman of VA CSP #512, the Options in Management with Antiretrovirals (OPTIMA) tri-national trial, which is addressing the questions of treatment interruption and mega-antiretroviral regimens in patients with multidrug resistant HIV infection. He is also principal investigator for a VA funded multi-investigator Center grant, investigating translational research questions around HIV and HCV. His research program focuses on HIV and HCV viral evolution, development of drug resistance, clinical trial evaluation of novel antiviral compounds, and evaluation of clinical outcomes thorough assessment of HIV/HCV practice patterns.

Other affiliations
Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Health Care System

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